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Zoning systems are a perfect solution to improve the overall comfort of your home. Depending upon how many stories, how many windows, which direction your house faces, etc., you may need to vary the cooling or heating in certain areas of your home. Without a zoning system, if one room needs heat, all rooms get heat, whether they need it or not. This is why many home owners have turned to zoning systems to provide maximum comfort for their family.

Save On Energy Bills With Zoning Systems

A good way to picture zoning systems, is to think of turning on lights only in the rooms where it is needed. Zoning systems work almost identically to this. By sending treated air (heated or cooled) only to the rooms where it is needed, you will experience huge savings on your energy bills. As well, these systems offer massive improvements in overall home comfort, as each zoned area can be set to its desired temperature. Zoning systems are the best way to improve efficiency, reduce energy bills, and improve home comfort.

Zoning System Installation

Although the installation of a zoned system is pretty straightforward, it’s not a do-it-yourself job and best left to the pros. Most of the single-zoned split systems come with three main components that include a controller, outdoor unit and indoor unit. A technician will mount the units, connect the refrigerant lines and make all necessary electrical connections. Improper installation of zoning systems can mean wasted energy, insufficient heating and cooling, and less than desirable home comfort. By having your new zoning systems professionally installed by our team of expert HVAC technicians, you can rest assured that your new system will be properly installed providing adequate heating and cooling year-round.

Zoning Warranty

Arzel’s warranty coverage is the best in the industry. All our panels are covered for five (5) years and our dampers are covered for ten (10) years under a full parts, labor and markup warranty. All Arzel ® warranties are transferable and stay with the equipment.

Multi Zoned Systems

Multi-zoned systems are the best solution for maximum comfort. With individual set point controls, every zone in a house can be set to achieve a different level of comfort. These zoned systems can be configured to meet individual needs and come in ducted and ductless models. Depending on the number of zones being installed, the job can take anywhere from one to three days.

Zoning System Repair Service

Have you been noticing your energy bills increasing? Uneven temperatures throughout your home? You may be experiencing problems with your homes zoning system. Our licensed, bonded, and fully insured technicians have the knowledge and experience to properly diagnose your home’s zoning system and make any necessary repairs.

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