Your Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioner Maintenance

Your Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioner Maintenance

If you want to save money and stay comfortable, you need to keep up on your air conditioner maintenance. Learn how to do this today.

It’s 90 degrees out.

You look forward to coming home to a nice, cool home and getting a break from the heat. You arrive home to find your AC unit is not working.

How did this happen? What could you do to prevent it from happening in the future? 

Keep reading to learn why air conditioner maintenance is important and how to complete the proper checks on your AC unit.

Why Is Air Conditioner Maintenance Important?

Similar to a vehicle, it is important to keep up on your air conditioner maintenance to prevent major repair bills in the future. Below are a few significant benefits of air conditioner maintenance for your home:

  • Save on energy bills: If your AC unit is running at its top performance level, it will be more efficient. This will save you money because it will take less energy for it to function properly. 
  • Safety: Checking to see if your AC unit is working well is also good for peace of mind. Any electrical issues or compromised air quality could turn into an unsafe situation in your home.
  • It will last longer: When you take good care of something, it tends to last longer. Checking to make sure all the parts are working properly and making the necessary changes will allow the unit to operate for you longer than neglecting it will. 
  • Save money on repairs: While you may still have to call someone for home AC maintenance, knowing what the issue is or how long it has been happening can be a huge help to them. The less time they have to spend on the repair will mean fewer labor costs for you to pay. 
  • Prevent it from breaking: If you never change the oil in your car, eventually it will stop working and be more expensive to fix than a few oil changes would have been.

Knowing the benefits of home AC maintenance is important because you want to know that your efforts are paying off in some way.

What Does Air Conditioner Maintenance Look Like? 

You know that proper AC maintenance is good for your home, but now we will discuss how you go about doing it. Below are the internal and external areas of your AC unit that you should perform a maintenance check on.

Check the Ducts

Checking the ducts to ensure there are no places where air can escape is essential in keeping the system operating efficiently. You can reseal any areas that the sealing has come loose in. You should also check that the vents are not blocked by beds or any other furniture.

If you feel that your ducts need to be cleaned, we can help with that. Dirty ducts can be a contributor to high energy bills because they are making the AC unit work harder. They also affect the air quality in the home, which can make for difficult living conditions.   

Check the Filters

Filters should be checked and cleaned often. You can perform this by removing them and washing with soap and water to get rid of the dust. It is important not to use scented soap, as this will affect the air coming through the filter when the unit is turned on. 

Monthly checks of your filters for cleaning are suggested to keep the unit running properly. Avoid the use of chemicals when cleaning it. 

Check the Evaporator Coils

These coils are essential in both the cooling and dehumidifying functions of the AC unit, as they capture the heat from indoors and move it outdoors. Dirty coils can affect the efficiency of the unit and cause it to use much more energy than if it was clean. It can also increase the stress on the system as a whole, which will cause it to break down faster. 

Checking for ice, dirt, or debris buildup on the coils is a great way to see if they can function properly or need to be cleaned before turning on the AC unit. 

Check the Condenser

The condenser is located outside and should be checked. Sometimes there are leaves or debris stuck to the condenser and obstructing the fan’s airflow. It is important to turn off the power to this area before cleaning it. 

You can use a brush to clean off the debris. There is no need to cover this area during the winter, as it can withstand the elements. Checking that the airflow area is clear is the main priority.

Check the Wiring

Checking the wiring will help expose any potential electrical issues. The winter weather can cause wear and tear on the outdoor wiring and cause problems with the connection. 

The internal wiring is important as well. You will want to make sure it was not accidentally damaged by any unwanted rodents.

Turn the AC Unit On

Once you have run these checks, it is vital to power the unit on and make sure everything is running properly with power. This will help to ensure that the thermostat and temperature controls are functioning to get your home to the desired cooling level. 

If you don’t want to make these checks yourself, we are here to help. You can get a professional A/C tune-up from us to ensure everything is running properly for the hot summer days ahead. We have the list of items that we check during our maintenance visits on our website. 

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