Summer Tips for Pets: How NOT to Cook Your Pets

Summer in Michigan is a time to get outside. Michiganders take to the lakes in droves during these hot months, having fun and keeping cool. Oftentimes, our furry friends are left to fend for themselves and if you don’t have A/C at home, things get pretty uncomfortable for them. Here are a few summer tips for pets to keep all our furry friends comfortable.

Keep Your Pets Comfortable With These Summer Tips

Set Your A/C Even When Going to Work

Another important summer tip for pets, to help them stay cool while you're out, make sure you set the thermostat to run your a/c even while you're out.
Many homeowners look for easy ways to save money throughout the year. One of the easiest ways to save money on your energy bills during the summer is to keep the thermostat warmer while you’re at work.

This is an excellent idea… if you don’t have pets.

Pets, just like us, get too hot during the summer. While humans sweat to cool down, our furry friends don’t have that luxury.

Cats and dogs can only sweat through their paws which, as you might guess, isn’t super helpful. With all of their fur trapping in that heat, summer can be pretty rough for our pets. That’s why we see our pets parking themselves in a cool, shady spot and panting during the hottest parts of the day.

Because pets have more trouble regulating their temperature than we do, it’s up to us to help. That’s why you should make sure you’re keeping your home comfortable, even when you’re not there.

Before you leave the house, instead of turning the temperature up or turning your A/C off, turn your thermostat to a comfortable temperature. This doesn’t have to be the same temperature that you prefer it at, though.

Set your thermostat a couple degrees warmer than you would normally keep it for yourself. This way you’re still able to save some money AND your furry family members get a comfortable environment to chill in while you’re out.

Brush and Bathe Your Pets

While you're waiting for your new A/C installation from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, one of the best summer tips for pets, to help them keep cool during the summer, is to make sure you're bathing them regularly.
Another great way to help your pets stay cool and comfortable this summer is by frequently bathing and brushing them. I think it’s pretty obvious to all of us that the thicker and more unkempt a pet’s coat of fur, the less comfortable they’ll be in high heat.

Luckily, we can help.

Giving your pet a bath once a week, or even every other week, keeps their coat clean and knot-free. It also helps remove any of that extra warm fur that’s built up in their coat. While they may not enjoy it while you’re giving them the bath, at the end of the day they’ll be much more comfortable.

Who doesn’t like a nice cool shower on a blistering day? Probably communists, that’s who.

Even just brushing your pet every few days helps remove any loose, clumped hair that’s accumulated in their coat. This helps your pet stay cool and comfortable because there’s less heat being trapped against their skin. Not to mention, they absolutely love it.

Seriously, they’ll give you a couple hours to cut that out.

Make Sure Your Pets Have Enough Water

Another great summer tip for pets, if you don't have a well-maintained air conditioning system, is to make sure your pets have enough water to stay hydrated and cool throughout the day.
This is a pretty easy one. Pets can get dehydrated too, especially during the heat of summer. It’s just as uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for them to be dehydrated as it is for us.

All you have to do is make sure they have plenty of clean, cool water to drink throughout the day. This helps them regulate their heat and keep cool.

Keep Your Pets Inside On the Hottest Days

To put it simply: If it’s too hot outside for you, then it’s too hot outside for your pets.

There is no reason for any pets to be left outside when the temperatures start reaching the high 80s, 90s, or even 100s. Not only is it uncomfortable for them, it’s also extremely dangerous for them.

Pets experience heat stroke just like humans do, and the results are never good. You can help keep your pets safe and happy by keeping their outside time to a minimum on the hottest days of the summer.

Fans Won’t Cut It

When it comes to keeping your pets cool and comfortable during the summer, fans just aren't good enough, that's why it's essential to get new a/c installation from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.
If you’re of the mindset that your pets don’t need a/c and that a fan will do just fine, there’s a couple things you should know.

Fans work great for us because we sweat. The moving air helps evaporate the sweat from our bodies, making us feel cooler. The problem is, your pets don’t sweat.

As I mentioned before, cats and dogs only sweat from their paws. Because of this, a fan just won’t cut it when it comes to regulating their body temperature, especially in high heat and humidity.

Optimize Your Air Conditioner and HVAC System

The best way to keep your pets comfortable and safe while you’re not home is by running your air conditioner for them.

To make things even better, it’s important to make sure your a/c unit is fully optimized so it can work to the best of its ability. Not to mention, a fully-optimized air conditioner is more energy efficient and even saves you money.

Performing regular maintenance on your air conditioner, and HVAC system in general, helps keep your home comfortable for you and your pets.

Top A/C Optimization Tips for Homes With Pets

  • Change Your Air Filter Every Month
  • Clean the Ductwork
  • Get an Air Purifier
  • Safeguard Outdoor A/C Units

Keep Your Pets Cool (and You Too) With a New A/C Unit

If you don’t have an air conditioner installed in your home, then there’s never been a better time to change that. The huge variety of different sizes and styles of air conditioners means there’s a perfect option out there for you, we just have to find it. That’s where the professionals here at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning come in. Our licensed and experienced technicians help find the right fit for your lifestyle, ensuring you have the perfectly installed and maintained HVAC system for you and your pets.

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