Common Air Conditioner Myths That Will Cost You

When it comes to HVAC, there’s always been a lot of conflicting information being circulated. Air conditioner myths cost homeowners thousands of dollars, not to mention all the headaches and lost comfort, while speeding their air conditioner unit to an early death. If you want to protect your air conditioner, your wallet, and your sanity, then it’s time to get the facts straight and ditch the myths.

What are the Most Common Air Conditioner Myths?

Myth 1: You Can Catch a Cold From Running Your Air Conditioner

You can't catch a cold from an air conditioner; this is just one of the many air conditioner myths that the experts here at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning are trying to debunk.
One of the most common air conditioner myths, and one that personally drives me crazy, is that you can catch a cold from an air conditioner. This old wives’ tale came out of a misunderstanding of what a cold is and how it works.

You see, the “common cold” is basically a catch-all term for an illness caused by over 100 different viruses. It’s not caused by running your air conditioner or even being cold.

I’ll say it again: you can’t catch a cold from your air conditioner.

While it’s true that cold and flu season is traditionally during the late fall and winter every year, this isn’t because of the cold weather. Well, not exactly.

More people catch colds during colder weather for a few different reasons. First, school starts up at this time. Kids going back to school, sitting in close proximity for hours at a time, and coming in contact with other germs and microbes all day, is the perfect recipe for an outbreak of colds.

Top all that off with the fact that colder temperatures have been shown to hinder our immune system, it’s understandable how this air conditioner myth started.

The Truth Is… No, you can’t catch a cold from running your air conditioner.

Myth 2: You Can Cool Your Room Down Faster By Setting the Thermostat Extra Low

Another common myth around air conditioners is that you can cool your space down faster by setting your thermostat extra low. This is one of those myths that sound totally realistic, until we really start thinking about it.

When your air conditioner runs, it’s always running at the same rate. It doesn’t work harder or faster depending on the temperature you set the thermostat at.

The only thing you’re doing when you set your thermostat extra low is ensuring your a/c unit works longer, potentially straining and damaging your air conditioner in the long run.

The Truth Is… Your air conditioner cools your room at the same speed, no matter how cold you set it.

Myth 3: The Biggest Air Conditioners are the Best

One of the most costly air conditioner myths is the idea that bigger is better and biggest is best. This just simply isn’t true.

Using a big a/c unit to cool a small space is incredibly inefficient on multiple levels.

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home depends on many different factors, including the size of your space, insulation, roof characteristics, number of windows, how much sun you get, and even if you have large trees outside providing your home with shade.

Getting an air conditioner that’s too big for your space is a costly mistake. Not only do larger air conditioners tend to cost more than smaller ones, they also require much more energy to run. On top of the MUCH higher energy bills, you’ll also be in for much more maintenance because that air conditioner just wasn’t built to operate in a space that sized.

The Truth Is… Air conditioners that are too big for the space they’re installed in are actually LESS efficient and will wear down faster.

Myth 4: Air Conditioners Don’t Require Regular Maintenance

One of the most common (and costly) air conditioner myths is the idea that air conditioners don't require regular maintenance; they definitely do and you should trust the professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning for all your air conditioner maintenance.
One of the most costly myths on this list is the idea that air conditioners don’t need regular maintenance. Not only is this incorrect, it’s also irresponsible and will cost you in the end.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is not how you want to think of your air conditioner. These complex systems work hard throughout the year and it takes a toll.

Whether it be changing out the air filter every month, duct cleaning every 2 – 3 years, or a yearly tune-up, air conditioners need regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently and effectively.

The more up-to-date you are with your a/c maintenance, the better your unit will run and the longer it’ll last.

The Truth Is… Yes they do.

Myth 5: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Install Your Thermostat

Another costly a/c myth is the idea that it doesn’t matter where you install your thermostat. This idea comes from a misunderstanding of the role a thermostat plays in an HVAC system.

Think of it this way, if your a/c unit is the heart of your HVAC system and the duct system is the circulatory system, then the thermostat is the brain.

The thermostat tells your air conditioner when to turn on, what temperature it currently is in your space, and what temperature it needs to be. Because it handles so many different pieces of important information, it matters (A LOT) where it gets installed.

Installing your thermostat on a wall that gets a lot of sunlight, under a vent, or on an exterior wall, affects the information being gathered. This then affects how your HVAC system operates, causing it to run too long (costing you money) or not long enough (costing you comfort).

Either way, you lose.

The Truth Is… Placement of your thermostat can affect the overall efficiency of your A/C unit, either saving you lots of money or costing you lots of money.

Don’t Listen to the Air Conditioner Myths, Trust the Professionals

If you want to get the most out of your a/c unit, then ignore these common air conditioner myths and contact the professionals near you. The experts here at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning know their stuff. Our trained and experienced technicians are experts when it comes to all things HVAC. Whether it’s maintenance, repair, or new installations, One Hour has you covered.

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